*** Regarding the ATF Brace Ruling, we are still offering Pistol variants of our Firearms. Braces will ship directly to you, separately. Call us 929-430-6787 if you have any questions ***

World Class Firearms

Welcome to the Elite

Welcome to GQ Armory!

GQ Armory started because we wanted to build world class firearms that are beautiful, lightweight, accurate and reliable. Where function meets form. We manufacture our products to be the best possible, not with compromise to meet a price-point.  We carry other brands we love too! Be sure to tune in to our Facebook and Instagram accounts for new inventory, specials, and updates!

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Products We Believe In

One objective that we put a great deal of emphasis on is not making or selling products for the sake of profit. Yes we are a business, yes we need to survive in this world too, but we strongly feel that the only way we can give you our best is to only sell products that we truly believe in and stand behind fully.


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