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TiConnector Titanium Grip Screws for Sig P220/P229/P226



These Grip Screws are designed to fit the Sig Sauer P220, P229 and P226. They are 100% machined by Ti Connector in Montana and are made from 6AL4V titanium.

Our Titanium pistol grip screws are made to fit MOST standard size factory and aftermarket grips. However, always check the mag well to ensure the screws don’t protrude and interfere with the function of your magazine..

Thread lengths are standard OEM length. We have shortened our shoulder height by .010″ to allow our screws to set flush or just slightly below the top of the screw hole counter bore. This will help to protect the anodized finish of the screw and create what we believe to be a more comfortable grip feel.

Our screws have a machined in six lug drive. They accept a standard T-15 size driver.

Our screws are currently available in Blue, Bronze, Darkness and Raw

Screws come in sets of 4 pieces!!!


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Blue, Bronze, Darkness, Raw